We, at rlrc are absessed with the spirit of innovation and perfection. Having embarked upon the world of Jute as Goods merchants almost three generation back. Today we are one of the premier manufacturers of poly-coated jute Fabric. Established in 1990 we are catering the need of supplying packing materials both within India and abroad. Our Board of Directors consists of highly qualified and experienced persons from diverse fields to ensure a smooth and efficient functioning.

We play an important role in commercialization of technologies for the manufacture of jute-diversified products and creating awareness about the uses of this natural fiber in non-conventional applications. We take pride in Coating 30000 mtrs. Daily all enduring, eco-friendly, lasting and fashionable.

We have our own Processing unit under trade name of "R.R. Processors", producing 20000 mtrs. Of Jute fabric daily carteging the requirement of processing.

We have a comprehensive range of equipments, plants and machinery to provide laminated Hessian to Standard quality. The state of art plant and machinery is based on technologies from industry leaders.

An in-house testing and quality control laboratory, equipments and our craftsman ensure that our product adhere to strictest quality measures as per set standrard.

Due to our excellent product and quality, we have achieved a high level of reputation amongst our customers. Our products are being widely used in packing of Tea, Rice, Spices and of course shopping bags both in India and abroad.

Apart from the domestic market, we are in direct Suppliers for almost one decade. Our department is geared to handle all the requirements of speciality Fabrics and guarantee timely deliveries. We are presently supplying our products to the bag Manufacturer of many States and exporter.


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