The products as manufactured is laminated Hessian cloth i.e. ------- Extrusion coating of jute fabric.

Due to its versatility the fabric is available in different size, weight, mess and of course in different shades and colours with option of lamination as per choice and requirement.


(1) Hessian

Fabric :-

Hessian, Super fine Hessian.

Mess :- 11 x 12, 12 x 13, 13 x 14, 14 x 15, 15 x 16.
Shade :- Off-White, Super White, Paper White, Natural Etc.
Colours :- Colour of choice
Weight :- From 250gm/m2 To 350/gm2 .

(2) Lamination

Thickness :-

It could be done in thickness in range of 50-200 micron.

Blending :-

It could be transparent or could be blended with colour like brown, white, black, beige etc.

Material :-

It could be done with polypropylene, low density / high density polyethylene.

Size :- It could be done on the fabric Up to 51" width.

*The extrusion coating (only transparent) meets the requirement stipulated for safe use in contact with food stuff, pharmaceuticals etc.

(3) Packing

The laminated Hessian Cloth is available in form of Roll Of 200 mtrs (Aprox). The Packing Slip with details is provided along with delivery of material.
Depending upon fabric and lamination the Roll's
  Weight :- 70kg to 80kg Aprox.
  Diameter :- 16" to 18"
And most common size used 48" (with Fabric)

We shall be happy to offer a firm quote on your specific size, mess, denier, type of colours / lamination, thickness etc. while seeking quotation. Some are illustrated below :

Off-white with plain 
Off-white with milky 
Super White with milky  coating Milky White with milky 
Natural with Transparent coating Checks with Plain 


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